Woman wearing seamless workout undies under her tights

The Best Undies for Running in

Looking to boost your running performance? The secret might just be in your underwear! Wearing comfy running undies that stay in place and keep you dry can make all the difference. Here’s what you need to know to keep your run on track!

The best kind of running underwear is the kind you don’t even notice you’re wearing. Imagine focusing solely on your run without the distraction of itchy tags, creeping wedgies, or irritating rubbing.

At Squaties, we pay attention to every detail, ensuring our briefs are your perfect running partner.

Why Squaties For Running?

  • Lightweight and Non-Chafing Material: Our smooth fabric prevents irritation, ensuring a comfortable run from start to finish.
  • No Panty Lines: Laser-cut leg ensures they remain invisible under leggings and shorts.
  • Smooth Design: With thermo-bonded side seams and no tags, our underwear stays flat and comfy.
  • 100% Cotton Gusset: Provides breathability and comfort where you need it most.
  • Sweat-Wicking Performance Fabric: Keeps you dry by pulling moisture away from your skin, helping to prevent chafing and bacteria growth.

Our Classic Briefs are the best style for running.  They provide a fuller cover and sit snugly into your running leggings, so they don’t move around or bunch up. With that barely-there feeling, you can focus on achieving your personal best.

Why Does Moisture-Wicking Matter?

Staying dry is crucial for runners. Excess moisture from sweat can cause chafing and increase the risk of bacterial infections. That’s why all our underwear are made from high-performance, moisture-wicking material. Our superior quality fabric draws moisture away from the body so it can evaporate.  Other materials like cotton, soak up and retain moisture, making you feel damp. Squaties briefs help you stay comfortable and dry, so you can concentrate on your run, not on adjusting your undies.

Ready to upgrade your running experience? Choose Squaties Classic Briefs for ultimate comfort and performance.

With Squaties, you get the best in comfort and functionality, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your run. Enjoy the freedom of seamless, moisture-wicking underwear that supports you every step of the way!

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